When 22-year-old Ginny Martin discovers her husband has been cheating on her, she strikes back by purchasing tickets to every concert on the Rolling Stones North American tour with their shared credit card, packing up the car, and taking to the road. As she follows the Rolling Stones from Los Angeles to Oklahoma City, Ginny experiences freedom for the first time—and begins to deal with the insecurities and limiting beliefs that have kept her suburban life far too small.

Bree Cooper is a nomad, a free-spirited drifter, and a mother who abandoned responsibility—and her young daughter. When Ginny meets Bree at a roadside diner, they impulsively make the decision to throw their lot in together. In each other, they find a friendship that they have both longed for: Bree gives Ginny a chance to have a mother figure who inspires independence and encourages confidence, while Ginny gives Bree a chance to get parenting right on the second try. Together, they find the courage to break free of the past—and to blaze new paths to happiness.



Praise for Satisfaction:


“A road trip into finding freedom, friendship, independence, and courage. Sometimes you can get what you want.”—Jessica Pallington West, author of What Would Keith Richards Do?


"A poignant story about two women's search for family, forgiveness...and front-row seats.” —Beth Kendrick,  author of New Uses for Old Boyfriends


"Andee Reilly rocks! And her debut novel, about a young woman's search for the meaning of life in the music of the Rolling Stones, is a raucously fun and surprisingly moving read. It's as undeniable as a Keith Richards riff." —Mark Haskell Smith, author of Raw: A Love Story


“Smart, funny, and exhilarating, Satisfaction is more than a rock 'n' roll-fueled road trip – it is a poignant look at our struggle for independence amidst the bonds of love and friendship.”—Tiffany Hawk, author of Love Me Anyway


"If you've ever wanted to leave it all behind to tour with the Stones but weren't the type, Andee Reilly's funny and charming debut novel will give you that Satisfaction and then some. Start it up!"—Elizabeth Crane, author of We Only Know So Much

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